My order was automatically cancelled,, It seems that my account has been blocked.

If your account is considered a bot and your order is cancelled, your account will be blocked at the same time.

We need to block the account first, because if we cancel bot-order without blocking, the bot will activate and purchase that canceled inventory again, and repeat it forever.

If you are not a bot, but are blocked from our store and cannot place an order, you will need to create a different account with a different email address.
Even if you email us and tell us that you are not a bot, we will not be able to reinstate your account because we cannot determine if this is true.

In fact, we have confirmed that many malicious bots are triggered.
Blocking bots is necessary for us to sell to normal customers.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

(If you violate any of the terms and conditions and are blocked because of it, not because of the bot,we may block you even if you use a new account.)

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