Inquiry Policy

Inquiry Policy

Pokémon cards are very popular and our customers visit our store for a variety of purposes. Therefore, we often receive inquiries that we cannot possibly respond to, such as impossible requests, one-sided requests, and aggressive negotiations.

We are very sorry, but it takes us a great deal of time to reply to these inquiries, and it interferes with our shipping and other operations, so we do not answer questions with the following contents.

Inquiries subject to this policy

1.Negotiating to sell an item even though we clearly do not have it in stock

2.Negotiating to cancel other customer's purchase and sell it to you

3.Requesting to reserve popular items that is sold out when the next stocks come in

4.Complaints about an item being sold out quickly

5.Complaints or inquiries as to why an account has been locked due to a violation of our policy and you are unable to make further purchases.

Thank you for your understanding.

Nov 11, 2023

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