Attention for DHL Shipping

Japanese DHL doesn't work on Saturday and Sunday ( and National Holiday in Japan). The last pick-up of week is a.m Friday.If you place your order on between p.m.Thursday and Sunday, it may be shipped on Monday.( And if Monday is Japanese national Holiday, it will be shifted to Tuesday : In Japan, there are many Monday holidays.)

Remote Area
If your location is in a remote area of our contracted DHL, we may not be able to ship at normal rates. This happens especially often in Australia,Canada and USA(since 2023) .In this case we will either send you an invoice for the additional cost or, if we are able to ship via EMS, we will send you an invoice for the difference in cost with EMS. (**We can't use EMS for USA shipment.) If you do not agree, we can cancel your order.
Also, communication regarding this will be made at the time of shipment, not at the time of order placement. Even with pre-orders, this will be done on the release date. If you have been charged remote area fees in the past, not just by DHL, you will be charged by us as well.

Not Available
P.O.Box Adress and APO address is not supported by DHL.

Wrong Address
If you register wrong address ,DHL may call you and deliver the pack to correct address, but in this case, the additional cost will be placed on our store later, we will send invoice to you about this additional cost. The cost is usually around $15 and you need to pay it. Until you pay, we can't ship your next order. Please understand.

If you refuse to receive the DHL pack because of import tax or something your reason, the pack may not be returned to us and just discarded by DHL.
Or we need to pay very expensive return cost and fee to DHL, such as $50-100 .
( It's the same in the case of a return due to you not responding to the DHL tariff notice at all.)
So in this case your money will not be refunded al all. Please understand in advance you can't refuse to receive DHL shipping by any reason. You can't get any refund.

You can track the pack on DHL website,
DHL request your signature when you receive the pack

To Italian and Brazilian Customer
DHL requests to write your tax code on shipping label, Please includes your tax code in "Shipping Address"
In the case you don't write tax code in your address, we will hold your order and ask it to you.
if you don't reply to our email, we will cancell your order.

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