Can I change the shipping address after I placed order ?

Unfortunately you can't change the address after you placed order from your side.Only from our side, it can be fixed. So please send a message with your Order No. and Correct shpping address.( If you change the shipping address in your account page, it will be reflected from next purchase. It is not reflected in the past orders )

However, even if you send a message to us about changing the address, we might have already shipped your order ( we check emails only once or twice a day ) ,
in this case we can't do anything for your order, Please understand and confirm your shippipng address before you placed order.

Then, in our store, when customers finalize orders, we check various elements automatically including the customer's address to ensure the purchase complies with our rules. Therefore, changing the address after making a purchase would bypass this filter. We would then need to manually verify whether your address is acceptable. Please refrain from changing your address after placing an order as much as possible. If you request multiple address changes, we may have to cancel your order.

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