This is a Gift to my Friends..

>>This is a Gift to my Friends..

If you would like this to be "gift-wrapped", then we are sorry but we do not offer wrapping services.
Also, if you are asking us to mark a commercial invoice as a gift, we are unable to do so.

The meaning of "Gift in the Commercial Invoice" is that we are sending you a gift, not that you are buying it to send as a gift to your friends.
Since you are purchasing from us, the Commercial Invoice will not be marked as a gift.

In international mail, the sender has to write down the price and contents for customs clearance.
For this reason, we are unable to comply with requests to not describe the price and contents in the label (invoice).

The store will ship as is without replying to that comment (this is a gift).
We do not accept any claims regarding customs duties.

Please remember that you have ordered in agreement with what is stated here.
It is able not to put the paper receipt in the pack.

However, it has nothing to do with the presence or absence of duty.
Thank you for your understanding here as well.

Nov 11, 2023

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