We always do respond to all troubles such as non-delivery or product defects.The customer can at least request a return. We will accept it in any case.The procedure is as described in our return policy.Or if not delivered, we will offer the investigation to delivery company and if the pack is lost, we will refund all.The customer has no reason to suddenly open dispute.

2.Not factual slander / Verbal abuse and foul language

Anyone can freely express their opinions about our store anywhere.However, if that is not true, we will consider that the customer has interfered with our business and will refuse further use.

And if there is any abusive language or foul language(including any dirty words, All caps sentence), If you are too excited, furious from the start, and unlikely to have a calm discussion,you will not be allowed to use the site without notice. All orders will be cancelled.We reserve the right to decide that.

3.One-sided Demand

Unreasonable one-sided requests for your wishes to our store are prohibited.

4.Over the Limit of Purchase Quantity

If our store sets a purchase quantity limit on the product page, please adhere to it. Exceeding this limit may result in restrictions on your account.

Apr 4, 2024

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